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A Complete Guide to Visiting Macedonia

Macedonia has actually long been one of Europe's hidden gems. The country's relative inaccessibility, compared to other European destinations, has limited the number of tourists that can visit. In recent years, however, new flight links have made it far easier to get there.

This site is packed with tips and advice for travellers to the country, explaining how to get there, what types of attractions are available in Macedonia and some all-important tips that all visitors should know before they touch down in the country for the first time.

Getting to Macedonia

The main airport in Macedonia is located in Skopje, the country's capital. Flights from this airport connect Macedonia to many major European cities, meaning that it is now easily accessible to visitors from many countries. Flights can be a little more expensive than some other destinations. Still, the relatively low-cost of Macedonian attractions means that most visitors will make back the difference when they are there.

Practical Tips for Macedonia

Macedonia is a safe and prosperous country, but it can feel unfamiliar for visitors who are venturing into south-eastern Europe for the very first time. The best advice is to plan as many things as possible before arriving there. This particularly applies to transport, as connections between major cities can be less reliable than in some other countries. If you are travelling from Australia and are used to living in a digital world, then you should know that Macedonia is well developed. You can still check your mail, social media and keep track of your fx trading. A little advance research will help any visit to Macedonia to proceed smoothly.